Mother Notices Scary Black Dots Growing In Her Baby’s Nose, Quickly Spots What’s Causing It

Love them or hate them, scented candles are a part of the holidays. People set them out to increase the fragrance in their home and they give them as gifts. It seems every where you turn there is a scented candle

But did you know that they have a very real danger beyond setting your house on fire? Turns out that you really do need to read all the warnings on the side of those buggers. But they do not just give off a pretty fragrance. If misused, they can also produce soot. A lot of it, in fact.

Soot can lead to all sorts of minor irritations in children and adults, so be careful when you light those candles, okay?

Of course, judging from just a few comments to this issue, we suppose you already knew this.

“You know, you could just, put it out after three hours?”- Facebook user

“when you burn stuff, it doesn’t just magically disappear into the air…of course it produces soot”- YouTube user

“The only time I’ve had a candle produce a noticeable amount of soot is the cheap ones or if the wick is waaaay to long. My family has burnt candles for years and have never noticed this problem.” -Facebook user

Well, Incase you didn’t know scented candle can cause soot in the air. As for scented candles. Are you fer ‘em or agin ‘em? Share your thoughts with us!